Season of the Witch & Tarot for Kids




If you’re like me, not only is there an entire Spooky Season, but it’s a full-on lifestyle. Season of the Witch is the perfect history book to settle in with when I want to learn more about our witchy global past. When the weather gets hotter here in western MA, I long for the crispy leaves and cold breeze that come with my favorite season. Look, I’m sorry if that offends you. I just love cozy sweaters and have a need to be wearing a blanket as a cape at all times.

I love how this book takes a global perspective, but doesn’t include enough text to be incredibly overwhelming for readers. The illustrations are beautiful and make the text come alive! It’s really cool to learn about the similarities and differences between magical beliefs across the world and throughout history.

There is of course a long and violent history of persecution women who were accused of being witches, in addition to a huge loss of natural knowledge and medicine because of this. Don’t even get me started on midwifery knowledge, we could be here all day. Yes, this is a spooky and fun post for my favorite season (let’s be real, it’s a lifestyle) in between more serious review posts, but feminism has always been under attack. It’s just the methods that have changed with the times.

Now, Tarot for Kids. My first memory of receiving tarot cards, I was probably under the age of 5 and my mom gave me her deck from the 70’s. It’s the typical Rider-Waite deck; not diverse, all adults, you get the deal. This deck has been beautifully illustrated by Kailey Whitman; the people are much more diverse, younger and look like they’re having way more fun. It comes with a book to help kids learn about what the cards mean, to help make you the hit of the slumber party! If you like reading tarot and are looking for a gift, this is a great one.

The book was kindly sent by Flying Eye Books, and the cards were sent by Sounds True Kids. All opinions, pairings, and decisions to review are my own.

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