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I love working on all sizes of projects! In the past, I’ve worked internationally with school districts and LTBGQIA+ organizations, providing support and guidance in their ABAR journey. Whether you’re rethinking an establishment’s mission or bringing many groups together for a large event, I would love to help ensure it is as successful and inclusive as possible.

I offer a variety of consulting services surrounding literacy, ABAR education, and social justice education integration strategies for the classroom and other education spaces. If you’re not sure where to start or what you need, start here!

Free 30 minute consultation to understand the scope of your project. In this meeting, we will make a timeline of deliverables and discuss project costs. This is not a strategy meeting, it’s a planning meeting for YOUR goals and how we can achieve them together!

Knowing how and when to confidently implement a social justice tenet into a pre-planned lesson can be tricky. Think of this as a jetpack of social justice content to plug into your core curriculum for the year!

These 5 chapters (available both softcover bound and digital download) include an extensive set of materials designed for educators working with grades K-6. It focuses on social justice education, its core tenets, and is designed to provide support and resources as well as inspire deeper reflections about what it means to be an ABAR educator. We have included deep reflection questions to help shift your ABAR mindset confident and successfully!

The lesson plans I’ve designed center around a specific book, perfect for any sized group of readers! There is an activity & discussion guide meant to provide additional context and knowledge about the topic at hand. There are page numbers noted for potential discussion questions, and several other recommendations for further reading for learning continuation. 

Discussion guides are similar to the lesson plans, but have no activity. It is a loose guide through the story, meant to having a meaningful conversation with several prompts to use with an individual reader as well as with a small or large group. Don’t do into a read aloud unprepared, let me help you get the most out of this special time!

The questions differ to reflect the targeted age range, but are structured for typically developing kiddos. You know what works best for your readers!

We love it when you help to spread our work!

The activity worksheets provide a range of ideas for classroom engagement.

Not sure what you need, or what’s included in our curriculum?

Download these free pieces and see what works best for you and your teaching style!