Sometimes We’re Scared: Little Moar and the Moon & The Bee

English & Inuktitut


Social Emotional Learning

Indigenous Voices




I wanted to pair these two stories together today because they both deal with overcoming fear, and the scariness lives outdoors! Each story also sprinkles in Inuktitut words and phrases, and is published by the first Inuit-owned press in the Canadian arctic, Inhabit. I’m a huge fan of Inhabit, and thrilled to have a double review coming your way!

Moar loves the fall, and same. It’s the best time of year. But unlike Moar, I love the moon. Moar doesn’t like that it leers down at him while he walks home from playing with his friends. I definitely empathize with Moar here, it’s really a bummer when it gets dark so quickly right now. Where I live, sunset starts around 3:45! But Moar keeps finding fun stuff to do outside and the moon is catching up with him…

The Bee is similar, and based on a song! Something unexpected is scary even when it’s tiny and crucial to our ecosystem. A young child is playing outside, enjoying themself, when a familiar buzzing is heard. After running all around Nunavut, the duo might have to actually face each other and find a way home.

Inhabit books are always engaging to me because the storytelling arc is different than Eurocentric storytelling, and more reminiscent of oral traditions.

These books were published by Inhabit and Moar is a contender for the #Bookstagang_BestOf2021 list. All opinions are my own. Publisher Spotlight also sent me copies of these!

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