Space Maps: Your Tour of the Universe

Written By: Lara Albanese

Illustrated by: Tommaso Vidus Rosin

For Ages: 5 years and up

Language: English

Topics Covered: STEM, Pint-Sized Professor, Space, Astronomy.


This massive book is absolutely incredible! Space Maps is an oversized reference book about all things space, with large sections about the stars, planets, solar systems, and so much more.

Throughout the book are some characters: humans and an alien that gives fun facts to the reader. Did you know you can’t walk on Jupiter? Now you do. Everything is clearly labeled and the layout makes the book perfect for reading cover to cover, by section, or just flipping to a random page to learn about asteroids, each of the planets, or space suits. Stylistically, the illustrations appeal to me in the way they seem to be both vintage and modern in a graphic and monochromatic style. The author has taken care not to overwhelm the reader with dense paragraphs of text and instead have small snippets all over the page with direct lines showing what is being discussed. Space Maps is bright and engaging, I was immediately excited about the wide age range this book appeals to and the many ways it could be used in a classroom. If you have a space enthusiast, they definitely need this book! It will certainly be on my coffee table for the foreseeable future, ready to teach me something at a moment’s notice.

This book was kindly sent to us by Publisher’s Spotlight, but published by What on Earth Books. All opinions are our own, and this book is being released tomorrow!

Lara Albanese

Dr. Lara Albanese has a background in Physics. She has conducted research in Italy and England before concentrating on science communication through a number of diverse activities: science journalism, exhibition development for science centres, teaching and workshops on science communication, research in science communication, management of science projects, management and animation of science events. She has been involved in many European funded projects.
Since 1999 until 2013 Dr. Albanese was Outreach and Education specialist of Arcetri Observatory (Florence). She is a member of the International Astronomical Union and active in Commission 46: Astronomy Education and Development. 
In the past decade she has worked as a freelance consultant and expert in science education both in Italy and abroad.
Lara Albanese is the author of twenty children’s science books. In 2013 she won the Italian Andersen award for her ability to combine astronomy, science and storytelling. In 2014 she won the national award “A book for the environment” and since that time decided to devote herself mainly to writing children’s books.
Dr. Albanese is course Professor of “Science for All: Education at Science Museums” at the University of Parma and conducts educational research in the field of Scientific Education with particular reference to Astronomy and Mathematics.

Tommaso Vidus Rosin

Tommaso Vidus Rosin is an illustrator and graphic designer. He switches between illustration, graphics, and cartoons, and he’s fond of calligraphy and lettering. He lives in Venice, Italy.

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