Space Matters

Written By: Jacque Lynn Schiller

Illustrated by: Lydia Nichols

For Ages: 4-8 years

Language: English

Topics Covered: Space, Architecture, Philosophy, Abstract Ideas.

Summary: You folx know how much I love books for kids that tackle philosophical and abstract ideas, and Space Matters is an excellent example of that.

Space Matters speaks to the idea that space helps make our lives more fun, more complete, and more whimsical. We need spaces in between words, to have space to make a wish, and to enjoy small snug areas. Lydia Nichols’ illustrations are bright and whimsical, showing examples of simple moments the reader might not have considered how much space makes it possible. I love the way the book brings up different conversations that readers can have, and be a jumping off point for art projects, paths for exploration of a new neighborhood, and unlimited imagination. It’s a book that I feel can be enjoyed by any age, enjoyed as much by adults as younger readers.

If you want to learn more about the book, how it came to be, and the importance of savoring moments, you’ll definitely want to check out the Picture Bookstagang podcast that’s launching tomorrow…

This book was kindly sent by HMH Kids, but all opinions are my own!

Jacque Lynn

From a riverbank in Texas, Jacque Lynn followed her curiosity to the sidewalks of New York. A copywriter turned jewelry designer, party planner then community volunteer, an arts lover and eager to learner – she’s an unapologetic dilettante, a self-described dabbler. Though she’s found her true north with children’s books. Jacque lives in the Connecticut woods with her husband, Tom, and their cat that looks like an owl, Sugar Toonis.

Lydia Nichols

From Lydia’s website: “Hopefully you can tell by this very website that I am 1. an illustrator with 2. a penchant for the quirky that 3. wants to anthropomorphize all the things and 4. lives with two demanding art directors aka cats. When not illustrating ridiculous things, I am likely doodling them on post-it notes or scrap paper. People describe my work as charming or whimsical. They describe me as redheaded.”

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