Spin a Scarf of Sunshine


4-8 Years

  • Sustainability
  • Interracial Families
  • Agriculture
  • Farm Living
  • Knitting
  • Sheep/Wool Production

Dawn Casey & Stila Lim


This book is SO adorable, and I’m obsessed with the quiet message of sustainability. Nari and her family live on a farm, and have pet sheep. Nari takes the sheered wool, cleans and turns it into yarn, and knits a scarf all by herself! I particularly loved the pages when Nari and her mother dye the wool using flowers that Nari picked. After, the scarf is composted and used to make their land richer and more nutritious for the next generation of lambs.

Not only is this story my dreams come to life, but it’s extremely important how involved Nari is in the everyday life of the farm and in providing goods for herself. This would be a huge confidence boost for any child, to be able to see how they directly impact the world around them. If we are to teach the next generation to be stewards of the land, they need to be intimately involved with every step of the process. Nari and her younger sibling spend time with the animals that provide resources like wool and learn how they can make the grass more nutritious for the animals.

In the back of the book is more information about how sheep wool becomes a scarf!

Publisher Spotlight

Floris Books

Dawn Casey

Dawn draws inspiration from her travels near and far, from tales of old, and from the natural world. Her collection The Barefoot Book of Earth Tales won the Gold Nautilus Award and received an Accolade form the American Folklore Society. In previous incarnations, Dawn worked in publishing and as a primary school teacher. She is now mother to two young children, and lives in Lewes in Sussex. Though officially a grown up, Dawn still believes in magic.

Stila Lim

Stila Lim is Korean Illustrator based in Seoul. She studied Fine Art in Korea (BA), and graduated Kingston University (UK) as Master of Communication Design.She worked with many companies including Floris Books(UK)KBS (Korean Broadcasting Company) and Naver Corp. The art technique used is a mix of traditional drawings and digital paintings using Photoshop. 

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