sunday rain: review & giveaway!


4-8 years




Interracial Families


Rosie J. Pova & Amariah Rauscher


Elliot has buried himself in a book on a rainy Sunday afternoon (I can relate to this) and is enthralled in the princess fighting the dragon. Eventually, his mother suggests that he go outside and play in the puddles (she calls his boots “Sharkies” and honestly I’m obsessed with that) while she unpacks boxes from their recent move. Elliot is a little nervous to try and make friends, but he goes outside hoping for a big adventure.

This story is very simple and sweet, focusing on Elliot being brave and trying to make friends in a new place where he doesn’t know anyone. He comes across to the reader as a gentle and imaginative soul, which would be particularly helpful if you’re looking for a story for a real-life gentle soul that is also close to taking that leap for their next great adventure.

This book was kindly sent by Publisher Spotlight and published by Lantana. Pub Spotlight is also being kind enough to provide one lucky reader a copy to Sunday Rain, so head over to our Instagram post for information about how to enter. All opinions are my own!

Rosie J. Pova

Rosie J. Pova is a prolific children’s writer, a wife and a mother. She’s the award-winning author of ​If I Weren’t With You (SPORK, an imprint of Clear Fork Publishing, 2017), Hailey Queen Pranking Makes Perfect: The Alien Encounter (SPORK, 2017) and Sarah’s Song (SPORK, Fall 2017). Rosie also works as a Writing Instructor in the Dallas Independent School District through the Writer’s Garret.

Ever since childhood, Rosie has had a passion for writing and has been fascinated with the power of words. She has written essays, short stories and poetry in Bulgarian and French as a young girl, but as a grown-up, her writing gave way to family, jobs and just life. Until 2004, when she revisited her love for writing, a few years after becoming a mom.

Rosie is originally from Bulgaria now living in Texas with her husband and three kids. She writes primarily for children of all age groups, as well as poetry. Some of her poems have appeared in literary magazines such as Poetry QuarterlyBurningword Literary JournalHaiku Journal and more.

Through the ups and downs of the writer’s life, today, Rosie is grateful to be able to pen stories in English, connect with the community of fellow writers and also read, learn, and improve her craft daily.

​She dreams of inviting many readers into her make-believe worlds and hopes to touch their hearts with her words.

Amariah Rauscher

“My name is Amariah and I am the illustrator of the Princess Truly book series (Scholastic). I live in Illinois with my husband, two beautiful daughters, and three dogs. I come from a big family and spent most of my childhood reading, drawing, and building forts in our living room with my brothers and sisters. Today, I have a Masters in Communication, but all I really wants to do is paint pictures. In my free time, I can be found playing board games with my family, or working on one of the many unfinished projects around my home. My work on the Princess Truly series is dedicated to my two daughters who have provided so much inspiration along the way.”

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