Love You Head to Toe

Written & Illustrated by:  Ashley Barron For ages: Infants & Up (Board Book) Language: English Topics Covered: Family Early Literacy Babies Summary:  This adorable board book celebrates babies and their attributes similar to animals! Happy babies yawn like hippos, stretch like starfish, and munch like chipmunks. I love the papercut illustrations and the diverse families portrayed….

Pretty Tricky: The Sneaky Way Plants Survive

Written By: Etta Kaner Illustrated by: Ashley Barron For Ages: 8-12 years Language: English Topics Covered: Plants, Biology, Botany, Pint-Sized Professor, Nature. Summary: How much do you think about plants? For us, that answer is “all the time”. Do you think about how tough they must be to be walked all over and chewed on?…