Space Maps: Your Tour of the Universe

Written By: Lara Albanese Illustrated by: Tommaso Vidus Rosin For Ages: 5 years and up Language: English Topics Covered: STEM, Pint-Sized Professor, Space, Astronomy. Summary: This massive book is absolutely incredible! Space Maps is an oversized reference book about all things space, with large sections about the stars, planets, solar systems, and so much more….

The Girl Who Named Pluto: The Story of Venetia Burney

Written by:¬†Alice B. McGinty Illustrated by: Elizabeth Haidle For ages: 4 years and up Language: English Topics Covered: STEM, Space, Women in Science, Family, Historic Events, Historical Figures, Astronomy.  Summary:  Venetia is a young girl who lives in Britain with her mother and grandfather.  She is fascinated by space and the planets, memorizing facts about them and asking all…