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Canadian Women: Now + Then

Written by: Elizabeth MacLeod Illustrated by: Maïa Faddoul For ages: 8 years and up Language: English Topics Covered: History, Biography, Canadian Women, Indigenous Voices, First Nations, Women in STEM, Women in Sports, Feminism, Journalism.  Summary:  Happy International Women’s Day! Today is a fantastic day to honor those past and… Continue Reading “Canadian Women: Now + Then”

Anguti’s Amulet

Written by: The Central Coast of Labrador Archaeology Partnership Translated by: Sophie Tuglavina Illustrated by: Cynthia Colosimo For ages: 8 years and up Language: Inuktitut & English Topics Covered: First Nations People, Indigenous Voices, Culture & Traditions, Family, Community, Love, Historical Events, Historical Fiction. Summary: This is a two-part book.  The… Continue Reading “Anguti’s Amulet”

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