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Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon

Shubh Diwali!

Written by: Chitra Soundar Illustrated by: Charlene Chua For ages: 3-5 years Language: English & some Hindi (more is in the Diwali information after the story) Topics Covered: Culture & Traditions, Celebration, Global Community, Hindu, Religion, India, Indian Culture, POC-Centric Narratives. Summary: Shubh Diwali is a short rhyming book introducing Diwali and… Continue Reading “Shubh Diwali!”

Going Up!

Written by: Sherry J. Lee Illustrated by:Charlene Chua  For ages: 4-8 years  Language: English Topics Covered: Community, Friendship, Parties, Apartments, City Living, Pets. Summary:  Going Up! is absolutely adorable, and takes place the majority of the time in an apartment building elevator! A young girl and her… Continue Reading “Going Up!”

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