The Tiny Activist


Front Desk

Written by: Kelly Yang Cover Art by: Maike Plenzke For ages: Middle Grades YA Book Language: English, slight Mandarin. Topics Covered: Immigration, Racism, Friendship, Family, Growing Up. Summary: Mia Tang and her parents emigrated from China two years before the book begins.  When the book begins,…

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My Chinatown: One Year in Poems

Written & Illustrated by: Kam Mak For ages: 4 years & up Language: English Topics Covered: Poetry, Immigration, Asian-American Experience, Chinese Culture, Family.  Summary: This book chronicles the first year that the narrator, a young boy, spends away from his old home in Hong Kong and…

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El Chino

Written & Illustrated by: Allen Say For ages: 4-9 years Language: English, minor Spanish.  Topics Covered: Chinese Culture, Spanish Culture, Self-Acceptance, Family, Trailblazer, Historical Figure, Bullfighting.   Summary: This book is written in first person, and begins by describing a boy named Billy’s family.  His parents…

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