Queer (Words of Change Series): Powerful Voices, Inspiring Ideas

English 12 & Up LGBTQ Experiences Activism Quote Collection Inspiration Coco Romack summary The newest edition of the Words of Change series is out now, and just in time for Pride month! Queer is a small volume that includes photos and quotes from LGBTQ activists, and embodies the spirit of rebellion within the queer community….

Words of Change: Anti-Racism: Powerful Voices, Inspiring Ideas

Written By: Kenrya Rankin For Ages: 8 years and up Language: English Topics Covered: History, Historical Figures, Racism, Quotes, Compilation. Summary: For #sweetsandsocialjustice this week, I’m focusing on something that I think is beginning to fall by the wayside. Not for everyone (certainly not for us) but for a lot of people that made a…