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Grandad Mandela

Written by: Zazi, Ziwalene & Zindzi Mandela Illustrated by: Sean Qualls For ages: 4-10 years Language: English  Topics Covered:  Historical Figures, History, Activism, Nelson Mandela, Apartheid, Social Change, Imprisonment, Black Culture & Identity, South Africa. Summary:  I am shocked that I haven’t shared this book on Instagram yet, I… Continue Reading “Grandad Mandela”

I Dream of a Journey

Written & Illustrated by: Akiko Miyakoshi For ages: 4-8 years Language: English Topics Covered: Longing, Adventure, Imagination, Courage.  Summary:  I can’t believe another month has gone by so quickly and we’re celebrating #thefictionfeast already! Since I Dream of a Journey takes place in a hotel, it got me thinking about… Continue Reading “I Dream of a Journey”

Freda and the Blue Beetle [released 4/15]

Written & Illustrated by: Sophie Gilmore For ages: 4-8 years Language: English Topics Covered: Friendship, Independent Thought, Courage, Freedom, Discovery, Wonder, Intuition, Bravery.  Summary:  This book is SO amazing. Freda is a free spirit that values discovery and adventure, much to the dismay of the other villagers who are often… Continue Reading “Freda and the Blue Beetle [released 4/15]”

Enough! 20 Protestors Who Changed America

Written by: Emily Easton Illustrated by: Ziyue Chen For ages: 4 years and up Language: English Topics Covered: American History, Activism, Historical Figures, Courage, Segregation, Enslavement, Sports, Environmentalism.  Summary:  This book opens with an Author’s Note talking about her inspiration to write the book.  Emily’s young cousins had been… Continue Reading “Enough! 20 Protestors Who Changed America”

The Degenerates

Written by: J. Albert Mann Cover Art by: Design: Rebecca Syracuse; Illustration: Sarah Maxwell-Folio Art For ages: YA (14 years and up) Language: English Topics Covered: Historical Fiction, LGBTQ, Growing Up, Mental Health, Disability, Own Voices, Interracial Love, Family, Friendship, Institutionalized Lives, Courage, Bravery, Love.  Summary:  This book is incredible.  I truly… Continue Reading “The Degenerates”

The Prince and the Dressmaker

Written & Illustrated by: Jen Wang For ages: Young Adults and up Language: English Topics Covered: Gender Expression, Growing Up, Love, Family, Acceptance, Friendship. Summary: Prince Sebastian doesn’t particularly want to get married, but his parents are desperate for him to find a mate.  All Sebastian really wants to do… Continue Reading “The Prince and the Dressmaker”

Lighter Than My Shadow

Written & Illustrated by: Katie Green For ages: Teens and Up Language: English Topics Covered: Growing Up, Eating Disorders, Assault, Resilience, Bravery, Family, Friendship, Love, Acceptance, Mental Health, Recovery, Trauma, Graphic Novel. Summary: This hefty 500 page graphic novel covers main character Katie’s life from childhood to college-first for biology and… Continue Reading “Lighter Than My Shadow”

Who Says Women Can’t Be Computer Programmers? The Story of Ada Lovelace

Written by: Tanya Lee Stone Illustrated by: Marjorie Priceman For ages: 6-9 years Language: English Topics Covered: Women in STEM, Historical Figures, Women in Science, Feminism, Bravery, Courage, Individuality. Summary: Ada was a young girl who lived in the English countryside.  She had a wild imagination and a mother who thought… Continue Reading “Who Says Women Can’t Be Computer Programmers? The Story of Ada Lovelace”

Ruth Asawa: A Sculpting Life

Written by: Joan Schoettler Illustrated by: Traci Van Wagoner For ages: 6-9 years Language: English Topics Covered: Historical Figures, Women Artists, Historical Events, Public Art.  Summary: Aiko and Ruth Asawa are the same person.  Aiko speaks Japanese at home, and at her Japanese school on Saturdays after she is done… Continue Reading “Ruth Asawa: A Sculpting Life”

Spring After Spring; How Rachel Carson INSPIRED the Environmental Movement

Written & Illustrated by:  Stephanie Roth Sisson For ages: 4-8 years Language: English Topics Covered: Historical Figures Women in STEM Activism Environmental Activism Trailblazers Bravery Courage Rachel is a little girl that LOVES nature.  She loves walking through the woods and listening to all of… Continue Reading “Spring After Spring; How Rachel Carson INSPIRED the Environmental Movement”

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