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Elizabeth Warren’s Big, Bold Plans [released 5/5]

Written by: Laurie Ann Thompson Illustrated by: Susanna Chapman For ages: 4-8 years  Language: English Topics Covered: Politics, Historical Figure, Biography, Women in Politics, Feminism, Activism, Education, Family, Trailblazers.  Summary:  Elizabeth Warren’s Big, Bold Plans is a lovely overview of the life of Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts…

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Introducing: Biracial Bookworms!

Happy Saturday!  We are so excited to have gotten to know Bethany Edwards, the driving force behind Biracial Bookworms!  Bethany cares passionately about education and traveling, and even has a course she teaches (link below).  We hope you enjoy the…

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Introducing Fitz Between the Shelves

Happy Weekend! We have another Sound Off Sunday post this week, because of another conference!  Both of us had an incredibly busy but educational time with conferences on back to back weekends.  We love to continue to grow and learn,…

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Introducing: Minds Hearts Books!

The Tiny Activist: Introduce yourself! Katie Spear: Hi! My name is Katie Spear and I’m a 4th grade Humanities teacher in Richmond, California. I’m a reader, a feminist, and mom to a very active toddler. TTA: What are you passionate…

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