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Julián at the Wedding

Gustavo the Shy Ghost

Ways to Say I Love You


Interview with Kwame Alexander: Becoming Muhammad Ali

Interview Transcript: C: Hi everyone! This is Corrie from @thetinyactivists and today I have the pleasure of speaking with author Kwame Alexander about his upcoming book “Becoming Muhammad Ali” and that is actually going to be available on October 5th. So we were gonna… Continue Reading “Interview with Kwame Alexander: Becoming Muhammad Ali”

Rosa’s Big Bridge Experiment

Bling Blaine: Throw Glitter Not Shade

From My Window

Our Favorite Day of the Year

Written by: A.E. Ali Illustrated by: Rahele Jomepour Bell For ages: 4-8 years Language: English, some Arabic, Hebrew, and Spanish. Topics Covered: School, Friendship, Holidays, Judaism, LGBTQ Families, Islam, STEM, BIPOC Protagonists. Summary:  This story follows a young Black Muslim boy named Musa when he starts school, but doesn’t know… Continue Reading “Our Favorite Day of the Year”

Dress Coded

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