The Tiny Activist



Written by: Dori Kleber Illustrated by: G. Brian Karas For ages: 4-9 years Language:  English Topics Covered: POC-Centric Narratives, Culture & Traditions, Social-Emotional Development, Self-Expression. Summary: Joey loves things that fold.  He is enamored by maps and accordions, and sleeps in a foldout bed.  When Joey…

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My First Book of Japanese Words

Written by: Michelle Haney Brown Illustrated by: Aya Padrón For ages: 4 years and up Language: English & Japanese Topics Covered: Bilingualism, Japanese Culture & Traditions, Literacy, Global Community. Summary: This alphabetical rhyming book provides multiple languages and a short poem on each page, and is…

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Yayoi Kusama From Here to Infinity

Written by: Sarah Suzuki Illustrated by: Ellen Weinstein For ages: 4 & up Language: English Topics Covered: Women Artists, Japanese Experience, Self-Expression, POC-Centric Narratives Summary: Yayoi was born on the island on Honshu, in Japan.  Her family lived in the countryside and owned plant nurseries, but…

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Written by: Susan Lendroth Illustrated by: Priscilla Burris For ages: 4-8 years Language: English Topics Covered: Self-Expression, Family Acceptance, Asian Families, Culture and Traditions, Self-Esteem, Japanese Culture Summary: Natsumi is a young Japanese girl that is constantly being told things like “slow down!”, “not so fast!”,…

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