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The Heart of Mi Familia

Juana & Lucas

Martin McLean, Middle School Queen

Between Us and Abuela: A Family Story from the Border

Written by: Mitali Perkins Illustrated by: Sara Palacios For ages: 3-8 years Language: English & some Spanish Topics Covered: Family, Immigration, Border Patrol, POC-Centric Narratives, Latinx, Mexican-American, Culture & Traditions, Love, Growing Up, Global Community. Summary: Even though this is a story centering around Christmas, we felt the need to share… Continue Reading “Between Us and Abuela: A Family Story from the Border”

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

Written by: Andrea Beaty Illustrated by: David Roberts For ages: 4-8 years Language: English, minor Spanish.  Topics Covered: Community Action, Environmentalism, Girls Outdoors, Creativity, Feminism, Girls in Leadership, Latinx, Activism.  Summary:  Sofia Valdez loves her community, and she especially loves helping her community be better.  When her Abuelo injures his… Continue Reading “Sofia Valdez, Future Prez”

Barely Missing Everything

Written by: Matt Mendez Cover Art by: Dana Ledl For ages: Young Adults Language: English Topics Covered: Growing Up, Latinx Identities, Racism, Sports, Alcohol & Marijuana Use, Family, Incarceration, Filmmaking, Friendship, Police Brutality, Pregnancy.  Summary: This book was one of those stories that everything I anticipated to happen did not… Continue Reading “Barely Missing Everything”

They Call Me Güero; A Border Kid’s Poems

Written by: David Bowles Cover Art by: Zeke Peña For ages: YA upper elementary/middle grades Language: English & Spanish Topics Covered: Growing Up, Mexican-American Experience, Immigration, Prejudice, Culture & Traditions, Poetry, Own Voices, Latinx.  Summary: Our narrator is a twelve year old boy known only as Güero, a slang term/nickname… Continue Reading “They Call Me Güero; A Border Kid’s Poems”

The Piñata that the Farm Maiden Hung

Written by: Samantha R. Vamos Illustrated by: Sebastià Serra For ages: 3 years and up Language: English & Spanish Topics Covered: Latinx Identity, Rhyming, Hispanic Culture & Traditions, Summary: This book reads like a rhyming poem, set up in a style that adds to the pages before to… Continue Reading “The Piñata that the Farm Maiden Hung”

Sound Off Saturday Featuring: Mama Tortuga!

Happy Saturday!  We are thrilled to have been able to connect this week with Johana, also known as Mama Tortuga!  She is a powerhouse of bilingual and herbal activism and knowledge, with a flair for business.  Johana is a hustler and has tons of… Continue Reading “Sound Off Saturday Featuring: Mama Tortuga!”

Green is a Chili Pepper: A Book of Colors

Written by: Roseanne Greenfield Thong Illustrated by: John Parra For Ages: Ages 3 to 5 Language: English, Spanish Topics Covered: POC-Centric Narratives, Culture & Traditions, Latinx Culture, Community, Family, Love, Self-Expression. Summary: Green is a Chile Pepper is a joyful celebration of the many colors found in… Continue Reading “Green is a Chili Pepper: A Book of Colors”

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