The Tiny Activist


A Stopwatch from Grampa

Written by: Loretta Garbutt Illustrated by: Carmen Mok For ages: 4-8 years Language: English Topics Covered: Family, Loss, Grief, Death, Intergenerational Relationships, Grandparents, Social-Emotional Learning. Summary:  A Stopwatch from Grampa begins right as our main character’s grandfather has passed away, leaving them his stopwatch.  Grampa…

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An Ordinary Day [released March 10]

Written by: Elana K. Arnold Illustrated by: Elizabet Vukovic For ages: 4 years and up Language: English Topics Covered: Family, Social-Emotional Learning, Grief, Loss of Pet, Cochlear Implant Visibility, Home Birth, Childbirth, Love.  Summary:  Wow. Wow wow wow.  This book is absolutely breathtaking and caught…

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The Immortal Jellyfish

Written & Illustrated by: Sang Miao For ages: 5-8 years Language: English Topics Covered: Family, Grief, Loss, Love, Social-Emotional Growth & Development, Death. Summary:   This is a beautiful book in both storyline and artwork.  Our main character is a small boy who is told…

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Tea Cakes for Tosh

Written by: Kelly Starling Lyons Illustrated by: E.B. Lewis For ages: 6-10 years Language: English Topics Covered: POC-Centric Narratives, Family, Dementia, Slavery, Love, Cooking, History, African-American Culture & Traditions.  Summary: This book is about the relationship between a grandmother and her grandson, Tosh. His favorite thing to…

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A Stone for Sascha

Written & Illustrated by: Aaron Becker For ages: 5 and up Language: English Topics Covered: Family, POC-Centric Narratives, Loss, Grief, Historical Fiction, Love, Pets. Summary: This book actually has no words, just pictures.  A family loses their dog, Sascha, just before going on vacation.  While on…

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