Me & Mama

English 3 years & up Family Black Culture & Identity Love Black Joy Cozbi A. Cabrera summary This story is beautiful, and I’m enamored by author illustrator Cozbi Cabrera’s ability to showcase such a tender and emotional relationship between mother and daughter. Also, her website is ridiculously gorgeous, and you should definitely check it out….

love in the wild

Ok, buckle up, I’m sharing a book about animals. A board book that reinforces the phrase “love is love” to be exact. Gay penguins? Yes. Lady cheetahs courting? Gotcha covered. Bighorn sheep falling in love? You betcha.

Love You Head to Toe

Written & Illustrated by:  Ashley Barron For ages: Infants & Up (Board Book) Language: English Topics Covered: Family Early Literacy Babies Summary:  This adorable board book celebrates babies and their attributes similar to animals! Happy babies yawn like hippos, stretch like starfish, and munch like chipmunks. I love the papercut illustrations and the diverse families portrayed….


Written & Illustrated by:  Corrinne Averiss & Kirsti Beautyman For ages: 4-8 years Language: English Topics Covered: Social-Emotional Learning Anxiety Family Starting School Love   Summary:  Not only are the illustrations in this book truly resplendent, but it also addresses a topic that nearly everyone has experienced in some capacity or another: separation anxiety. In the…

Grandad Mandela

Written by: Zazi, Ziwalene & Zindzi Mandela Illustrated by: Sean Qualls For ages: 4-10 years Language: English  Topics Covered:  Historical Figures, History, Activism, Nelson Mandela, Apartheid, Social Change, Imprisonment, Black Culture & Identity, South Africa. Summary:  I am shocked that I haven’t shared this book on Instagram yet, I assumed I shared it actual years ago. Well, today we remedy…