Your Name is a Song

Written By: Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow Illustrated by: Luisa Uribe For Ages: 4-8 years Language: English Topics Covered: Self-Esteem, Social-Emotional Learning, Muslim Family, Racism, Prejudice. Summary: This book is phenomenal. It gets right to the heart of the issue that so many children have names that their (well-meaning but ultimately results in a micro-aggression) teacher can’t pronounce….

The Vast Wonder of the World (Biologist Ernest Everett Just)

Written by: Mélina Mangal Illustrated by: Luisa Uribe For ages: 5 years and up Language: English Topics Covered: STEM, Black Culture & Identity, Scientists, Historical Figure, Outdoors, Natural World, Trailblazers, Curiosity, Education, Racism.  Summary:  In 1911, Ernest was a scientist in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  Woods Hole is on Cape Cod, and still a massive town for oceanic research today!  Ernest was…