The Adventures of Team Pom: Squid Happens

English 8+ Fantasy Synchronized Swimming Bao Friendship Social-Emotional Learning Mystery Sci-Fi Isabel Roxas summary Team Pom (comprised of Ruby, Agnes, and Roberta) is a group of misfits that’s main goal is winning the illustrious local synchronized swimming competition. Unfortunately, they need some sweet moves and an infinite supply of bao to get their creativity flowing….


Written by: Akwaeke Emezi Cover Art by: Shyama Golden For ages: YA (CW: child abuse. Mention of bruises and insinuation of pedophilia) Language: English, some French Creole.  Topics Covered: Black Culture & Identity, BIPOC Narratives, Sci-Fi, LGBTQ Lives, Growing Up, Friendship, Social-Emotional Learning, Transgender Youth, Family, Art. Summary:  This book is phenomenal.  Jam is a teenage girl living in a town…