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Girls Resist! A Guide to Activism, Leadership, and Starting a Revolution

Always be You

Jules Vs. the Ocean

Written & Illustrated by: Jessie Sima For ages: 4-8 years  Language: English Topics Covered: Siblings, Social-Emotional Learning, Ocean, Girls Outdoors, BIPOC Characters. Summary:  This book is so cute, and really funny. Jules wants nothing more from this day at the beach than to impress her older sister with a sand… Continue Reading “Jules Vs. the Ocean”

Uncle Bobby’s Wedding

Written by: Sarah S. Brannen Illustrated by: Lucia Soto Language: English Topics Covered: Family, LGBTQ, Interracial Marriage, LGBTQ Weddings, Social-Emotional Learning. Summary:  This beautiful book is a relaunch of the original book published in 2008, but this time with human characters instead of guinea pigs! Chloe absolutely loves… Continue Reading “Uncle Bobby’s Wedding”

You Matter

I can’t imagine sharing a more beautiful or timely book than this one today. You Matter is a beautiful book that speaks directly to the listener’s heart. Addressing the reader in a humorous way, Christian Robinson manages to inspire a sense of belonging in… Continue Reading “You Matter”

In My Anaana’s Amautik

Written by: Nadia Sammurtok Illustrated by: Lenny Lishchenko  For ages: 3 years and up  Language: English & Inuktitut  Topics Covered: Indigenous Voices, Family, Love, Comfort, Emotional Support, Social-Emotional Learning, Own Voices.  Summary:  In My Anaana’s Amautik is an incredibly sweet story that celebrates the calm and cozy emotional support… Continue Reading “In My Anaana’s Amautik”

David Jumps In

Written by: Alan Woo Illustrated by: Katty Maurey For ages: 4-7 years Language: English Topics Covered: History, Games, Friendship, Social-Emotional Learning, Moving, New School, Own Voices. Summary:  It’s David’s first day at a brand new school and he’s feeling a little anxious about making friends.  The book follows… Continue Reading “David Jumps In”

The Many Colors of Harpreet Singh

Written by: Supriya Kelkar Illustrated by: Alea Marley For ages: 3-7 years Language: English Topics Covered: Social-Emotional Learning, POC-Centric Narratives, Sikhism, Global Community. Summary:  We are so flattered to have been contacted by the fantastic @littlefeministbookclub about becoming a part of their influencer program and receiving an affiliate code!  This… Continue Reading “The Many Colors of Harpreet Singh”

A Voice for the Spirit Bears: How One Boy Inspired Millions to Save a Rare Animal

Written by: Carmen Oliver Illustrated by: Katy Dockrill For ages: 4 years and up Language: English Topics Covered: Environmental Activism, Historic Figure, Social-Emotional Growth, Shyness, Environmental Protection, Nature, Natural World. Summary: This story is based on David Simon Jackson, a person who organized for the safety and preservation of a rare… Continue Reading “A Voice for the Spirit Bears: How One Boy Inspired Millions to Save a Rare Animal”

A Stopwatch from Grampa

Written by: Loretta Garbutt Illustrated by: Carmen Mok For ages: 4-8 years Language: English Topics Covered: Family, Loss, Grief, Death, Intergenerational Relationships, Grandparents, Social-Emotional Learning. Summary:  A Stopwatch from Grampa begins right as our main character’s grandfather has passed away, leaving them his stopwatch.  Grampa used to time all… Continue Reading “A Stopwatch from Grampa”

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