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Sound Off Saturday Featuring: Rashmi Bismark!

Hello everyone!  It’s been such a long time since we had someone to feature for Sound Off Saturday, and we are thrilled for our return post to be author Rashmi Bismark.  You might have heard of Rashmi before when we were part of the… Continue Reading “Sound Off Saturday Featuring: Rashmi Bismark!”

Q&A with the Alphabet Rockers

Happy Tuesday!  We typically would wait until Saturday to do Q&A’s but during our Week of Music anything can happen!  Can you tell just how exciting our lives are? Anyways, jokes about our thrilling lives aside, we are more than excited to be able… Continue Reading “Q&A with the Alphabet Rockers”

Sound Off Saturday featuring: Parakeet Books!

Happy Saturday!  We are super jazzed to feature a great publisher that we’re totally in love with: UK-based Parakeet Books!  It’s been a minute since we’ve been able to feature someone for Sound Off Saturday, and these are the perfect humans to start the… Continue Reading “Sound Off Saturday featuring: Parakeet Books!”

Featuring: Anastasia Kanavaliuk

Helloooooo lovely humans!  Here is our third and final installment of our trio of posts surrounding the fantastic creative team behind Ezra’s BIG Shabbat Question!  We were able to catch up with Anastasia Kanavaliuk, the talented illustrator behind Aviva’s Book.  If you haven’t seen our… Continue Reading “Featuring: Anastasia Kanavaliuk”

Sound Off Saturday Featuring: Aviva Brown!

Happy Saturday!  We are SO EXCITED to be able to feature this powerhouse, Aviva Brown!  Aviva is one of the first people we “met” on Instagram when we started our account, and we’ve been keeping in regular contact ever since.  Aviva is knowledgable, funny,… Continue Reading “Sound Off Saturday Featuring: Aviva Brown!”

Sound Off Saturday Featuring: Taylor Moxey!

Happy Saturday!  We are thrilled this week to feature Taylor, a young activist, entrepreneur and chef.  As older (thirties totally aren’t old, but we’re not teenagers like Taylor!) people, it’s inspiring to see young people with as much drive and passion as Taylor.  Be… Continue Reading “Sound Off Saturday Featuring: Taylor Moxey!”

Featuring: Ebony Glenn!

Happy Saturday!  We are SO excited to be back in action after a week away looking at property in our dream location-Western Massachusetts!  In perfect timing, we were able to connect with Ebony Glenn who illustrated Not Quite Snow White, which was recently released on… Continue Reading “Featuring: Ebony Glenn!”

Sound off Saturday: Ourselves!

Hi everyone!  We have gotten so many new social media followers over the past couple months we decided to capitalize on waiting for our awesome forthcoming Sound off Saturday-ers and have a post about ourselves!  Hope you enjoy it, and learn a thing or… Continue Reading “Sound off Saturday: Ourselves!”

Introducing: Annahita and her Hot Air Balloon Adventures!

Happy Saturday folx!  After a few waterlogged days here in New England, we were graced with a sunny afternoon.  Naturally, we spent it inside doing boring but necessary things like cleaning, laundry, and of course working on the website!  Now it’s time to go… Continue Reading “Introducing: Annahita and her Hot Air Balloon Adventures!”

Introducing: Raising A Legacy!

Happy Saturday!  This week we have the delight of featuring Raising A Legacy, the creative business endeavor of a clever woman whose desire is to educate others about a variety of topics, including holidays.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the post!  And then go… Continue Reading “Introducing: Raising A Legacy!”

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