Scientific September Roundup!

English 5+ STEM Pint-Sized Professor Nature Science I’ve gotten a slew of really cool nonfiction books lately, so of course it’s time for a science-y roundup! The Acadia Files: Summer Science By Katie Coppens & Holly Hatam Published & sent by Tilbury House This book is a really neat setup of an early chapter book….

Lali’s Feather

Written By: Farhana Zia Illustrated by: Stephanie Fizer-Coleman For Ages: 4-8 years Language: English, some Hindi Topics Covered: Nature, Social-Emotional Learning, Observation Skills, Girls Outdoors, Friendship. Summary: Lali’s Feather is a sweet story that follows a young girl Lali while she tries to find the owner of a little feather. When Lali approaches different birds…