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Cover Reveal: Ocean Soup

The Worldwide Forager

The Magical Underwater Activity Book

Marjory Saves the Everglades: The Story of Marjory Stoneman Douglas

How Cara Lost Her Color

The World’s Poorest President Speaks Out

Climate Change for Babies

Planet S.O.S

Written & Illustrated by: Marie G. Rohde For ages: 8-12 years  Language: English  Topics Covered: Climate Justice, Environment, Sustainability, Pint-Sized Professor, Climate Change, STEM, Call to Action. Summary:  Planet SOS is an incredibly fascinating book, and the layout is one of the most creative I’ve seen in a non-fiction.… Continue Reading “Planet S.O.S”

Our Environment: Everything You Need to Know

Written by: Jacques Pasquet Illustrated by: Yves Dumont Translated by: Shelley Tanaka For ages: 9-12 years Language: English Topics Covered: STEM, Environment, Nature, Sustainability, Activism, Pint-Sized Professor, Biology, Littering, Oceans, Marine Life, Weather, Climate Change.  Summary:  Our Environment is helpfully broken up into 5 sections, one for each of the… Continue Reading “Our Environment: Everything You Need to Know”

Trees Make Perfect Pets

Written by: Paul Czajak Illustrated by: Cathy Gendron  For ages: 4-8 years Language: English Topics Covered: STEM, Pint-Sized Professor, Environment, Sustainability, Nature, Girls Outdoors, Love, Pets, Biology.  Summary:  Trees Make Perfect Pets is a story about a girl named Abigail who wants a special pet for her birthday-a tree!… Continue Reading “Trees Make Perfect Pets”

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