The Tiny Activist


I’m So NOT Wearing A Dress!

Written by: Julie Merberg Illustrated by: Mai Kemble For ages: 4-8 years Language: English Topics Covered: Tomboy, Acceptance, Family, Sports, Social-Emotional Development. Summary: Shelby likes to climb trees, dig for worms with her best friend Nate, and wear nothing but her dirty red high tops.  Shelby’s neighbor…

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Tutus Aren’t My Style

Written by: Linda Skeers Illustrated by: Anne Wilsdorf For ages: 4-7 years Language: English Topics Covered: Tomboys, Exploration, Open-Mindedness, Family, Love, Acceptance. Summary: This book is super cute!  The main character Emma loves playing in the mud, lizards, and climbing trees.  One day, she gets a…

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