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Freedom Summer for Young People: The Violent Season That Made Mississippi Burn and Made America a Democracy

The Teachers March! How Selma’s Teachers Changed History

Finish the Fight! The Brave and Revolutionary Women Who Fought for the Right to Vote

Lift as You Climb: The Story of Ella Baker

Equality’s Call: The Story of Voting Rights in America

Written by: Deborah Diesen Illustrated by: Magdalena Mora For ages: 3-8 years Language: English  Topics Covered: Activism, Equality, Rights, Voting, American History, POC-Centric Narratives, Oppression, Racism, Politics.  Summary:  This rhyming book is an incredible look at the history of voting rights in America, and specifically about the activism that took… Continue Reading “Equality’s Call: The Story of Voting Rights in America”

Lillian’s Right to Vote

Written by: Jonah Winter Illustrated by: Shane W. Evans For ages: 5-9 years Language: English Topics Covered: History, Voting Rights, Civil Rights, Modern Black Freedom Struggle, Black Culture & Identity, Activism, Historical Figure.  Summary:  Happy Saturday!  For this round of #sweetsandsocialjustice we decided to make a classic amaretto almond Bundt… Continue Reading “Lillian’s Right to Vote”

Granddaddy’s Gift

Written by: Margaree King Mitchell Illustrated by: Larry Johnson For ages: 5 years and up Language: English Topics Covered: POC-Centric Narratives, Modern Back Freedom Struggle, Voting Rights, Family, Activism, Racism, Strength, Resilience, Education, Own Voices, Historical Fiction.  Summary: This story is told from the perspective of a young girl, who everyone… Continue Reading “Granddaddy’s Gift”

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