The Tiny Activist


Equality’s Call: The Story of Voting Rights in America

Written by: Deborah Diesen Illustrated by: Magdalena Mora For ages: 3-8 years Language: English  Topics Covered: Activism, Equality, Rights, Voting, American History, POC-Centric Narratives, Oppression, Racism, Politics.  Summary:  This rhyming book is an incredible look at the history of voting rights in America, and specifically about…

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Elizabeth Warren’s Big, Bold Plans [released 5/5]

Written by: Laurie Ann Thompson Illustrated by: Susanna Chapman For ages: 4-8 years  Language: English Topics Covered: Politics, Historical Figure, Biography, Women in Politics, Feminism, Activism, Education, Family, Trailblazers.  Summary:  Elizabeth Warren’s Big, Bold Plans is a lovely overview of the life of Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts…

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Make Trouble (Young Readers Edition)

Written by: Cecile Richards with Lauren Peterson Cover Art by: Eugenia Mello For ages: Young Adults Language: English  Topics Covered: Trailblazer, Politics, Women in Politics, Activism, Feminism, Bodily Autonomy, Memoir/Biography, Political Activism, Family, Planned Parenthood, Inspiration, Growing Up, Community Involvement.  Summary: For our first skill to take into…

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Leading the Way: Women in Power [Being released 10/8]

Written by: Senator Janet Howell & Theresa Howell, forward by Hillary Rodham Clinton Illustrated by: Kylie Akia & Alexandra Bye For ages: YA middle & upper grades to read themselves (ages 10 and up); great bedtime story for younger children. Language: English Topics Covered: Trailblazers, Women…

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