The ABC’S of Black History


5 years and up

  • Historical Figures
  • Activism
  • Black Culture & Identity
  • Trailblazers
  • Rhyming & Literacy
  • Black Joy

Rio Cortez & Lauren Semmer


Rio Cortez

Rio Cortez is the author of I Have Learned to Define a Field as a Space Between Mountains (Jai Alai Books, 2015) and The ABCs of Black History (Workman, 2020). Born and raised in Salt Lake City, she now lives, writes, and works in Harlem.

Lauren Semmer

Lauren Semmer is an artist, children’s book illustrator, and designer. She studied drawing at St. Paul College of Visual Arts and Art History at New York University. Lauren’s bright and charming work is featured on everything from kid’s wall art to children’s apparel. She lives in Manhattan with her family.