The Every Body Book

Written By: Rachel E. Simon, LCSW

Illustrated by: Noah Grigni

For Ages: 8-12 years

Language: English

Topics Covered: LGBTQ, Sex, Bodies, Bodily Functions, Growing Up, Relationships, Families, Pregnancy.


This book is really nothing short of revolutionary, especially for LGBTQ+ youth, who now have an inclusive book about puberty and development. The subtle shifts in language to make talking about puberty and sex inclusive validates the identity of so many LGBTQ youth that are growing up today. The illustrations are wonderful, but if you’ve been here for awhile you know how much I love the illustrator Noah Grigni!

The book, recommended for ages 8-12, covers topics such as: sex, gender, physical & emotional changes during puberty, love & attraction, intercourse, families, pregnancy (even topics including c-sections and IVF), and more! I really needed this book as a child. As a queer adult, it’s easy to look back on memories and thoughts of childhood that would have been much less confusing if I had known being LGBTQ was even an option. Even moreso, this book is a beacon for transgender youth who can now see themselves in educational material. All bodies are good bodies, and this book teaches that whatever changes your body goes through, young people don’t have to compromise on their identity. I encourage anyone looking for a book to teach their children about these topics to look no further than this book!

This book was kindly sent to us by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, but all opinions are my own!

Rachel E. Simon

Rachel is a psychotherapist and educator who specializes in gender and sexuality and runs her private practice in Philadelphia, PA. She has worked in partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Gender and Sexuality Development Clinic, Mazzoni Center, and Walnut Psychotherapy Center.

Author information taken from back of book!

Noah Grigni

Noah Grigni is an illustrator and comic artist from Decatur, Georgia, whose work focuses on themes of gender fluidity, body positivity, and mental health. Through art and writing, they hope to make space for more stories centering diverse trans characters with depth, personality, and agency. Their work is introspective, bold, and playful, using vulnerability as a way to start difficult conversations and encourage honest reflection. Noah’s art is a reminder to heal, a call to action, and above all, an unapologetic celebration of trans and queer love.

Noah graduated from Lesley University in 2018 with a BFA in illustration and a minor in creative writing. Their art has appeared in It Feels Good To Be Yourself by Theresa Thorn, We’re Still Here: An All-Trans Comics Anthology by Tara Avery and Jeanne Thornton, The Transgender Heroes Coloring Book by Avery and Cameron, The Gender Identity Workbook For Kids by Kelly Storck, and The Worry Workbook For Kids by Muniya Khanna. They have also self-published their art and writing in several zines, including Don’t Cut My Flowers, Dibujitos//Aguadilla, Anatomy of a Wallflower, and The Lighthouse, which are available on Etsy

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