The Girl Who Thought in Pictures: The Story of Dr. Temple Grandin

Written by: Julia Finley Mosca

Illustrated by: Daniel Rieley

For Ages: 5-10 years old

Language: English

Topics Covered: Women in STEM, Trailblazers, Neurodiversity, Women Scientists.

Summary: This rhyming book tells the life story of Temple Grandin and her achievements.  The lines of the book outline her unique sensory preferences, and the fact that she was not speaking at the age of three. Temple’s mother refused to send her away, as doctors advised, and instead searched for a diagnosis.  It was learned that Temple had autism, and she was “different, not less”.  School was difficult for Temple, and one day she got kicked out of school for throwing a book at another student.  Her mother sent her to visit an aunt on a ranch out West.  On the ranch, Temple flourished and developed a sweet spot for the cows.  Going to a new school in the fall, she discovered science.  The first invention Temple designed was based on something she had seen on the ranch.  Temple learned that some farms were not kind to their livestock, and worked very hard to bring about positive change.  After she graduated from college, she continued to design livestock handling mechanisms for farms.  Temple became a well-traveled public speaker, and is known globally as a revolutionizer of the livestock industry.

In the back of the book is a letter from Temple Grandin to the reader, as well as some “fun facts” about a conversation that Mosca had with Dr. Temple Grandin herself!  There is also a timeline of Grandin’s life and a more detailed history of her life written for a more advanced reader.

About the Author & the Illustrator:


Julia Finley Mosca is a copywriter and former journalist who spent more than a decade in Hollywood crafting messages for money. After working with such recognizable brands as Entertainment Tonight, Yahoo!, American Greetings, and JibJab, she landed her most rewarding job yet―mom to one ferociously curious and spunky little girl. The Amazing Scientists series marks Mosca’s debut into the magical world of children’s books.

daniel rieleyDaniel Rieley is a British freelance illustrator based in Lisbon. After studying at The Arts Institute Bournemouth, taking an epic backpacking adventure in Australia, and working 3 years in London, he decided to take off to sunny Portugal. For the last 2 years, Daniel has been working on several illustration projects in advertising, print, card design, and children’s picture books. When Daniel is not drawing you can probably find him trying to catch waves, taking photos with old cameras, or playing his newly discovered sport Padel.

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