The Grumpy Fairies


4-8 years

Social-Emotional Learning




Bethan Stevens


Alright folks, we’re about halfway through our moving process right now, and I’m definitely identifying with these grumpy fairies today. This story is really humorous and the expressions on the grumpy fairies faces are hilarious and reminiscent of those days in the classroom where everyone is just cranky and nothing helps to cheer up anyone.

In The Grumpy Fairies, a group of impossibly cantankerous little fairies stomp off into the forest to avoid doing all of the terrible tasks being demanded of them. Walking snails is boring, sweeping hedgehog poo is gross, and this gaggle of grumps are NOT gonna take it anymore. But shortly after their walk (stomp?) begins, the fairies find out that there’s a goblin around….and goblins LOVE grumpy fairy snacks…

This book was kindly sent by Quarto, but all opinions and decisions to review are my own. The author of this review also declines to comment on whether or not she is actually a grumpy fairy masquerading as kind in order to not be eaten by a goblin.

Bethan Stevens

Bethan Stevens is an illustrator based in London. After finishing her BA in English literature, she embarked on the MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art to learn how to make stories with pictures as well as words. When she’s not drawing she can be found reading, writing, and attempting to track down the tastiest almond croissants in London. Grumpy Fairies​ is her first picture book. 

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