The Heart of Mi Familia

Written By: Carrie Lara

Illustrated by: Christine Battuz

For Ages: 4-8

Language: English & Spanish

Topics Covered: Multilingual Families, Bicultural Experiences, Latinx, Social-Emotional Learning.

Summary: This book follows a young girl as she talks about the two different sides of her family: her father was born in Central America and her abuela still lives there; her mother was born in the US, after her family immigrated several generations ago.

Our main character is helping both her abuela and grandma get together a special birthday surprise for her younger brother. The story beautifully weaves together a bicultural family, Spanish, and happy memories from various events with grandparents. In the back in an author’s note from Carrie Lara, PsyD, she draws on both professional and personal experiences to talk at length about empowering bicultural children to embrace their unique identities and experiences. It includes tips about supporting students and children, as well as dealing with discrimination. The story overall is beautiful and focuses on the similarities between the different family members houses, and what she does with her cousins.

I really love this publisher because of the care they take to have well-researched and thorough information at the back of the books. They tackle topics with care, professionalism, and background knowledge that leaves the parent, caregiver, or educator feeling prepared to discuss the finer points of the story with a single or group of young readers.

This book was kindly sent by Magination Press, but all opinions are my own!

Carrie Lara

Carrie Lara, PsyD, specializes in working with children and families on child and human development, including foster and adoptive youth, those with learning disabilities and special education, and children dealing with trauma, using attachment-based play therapy.

She lives in Sonoma County, California.

Christine Battuz

Christine Battuz has illustrated more than 60 children books, including Marvelous MaravillosoMy Sister Beth’s Pink Birthday, and Shy Spaghetti and Excited Eggs. Her work appears in educational books, magazines, toys, and toy packaging. She teaches art to adults and children of all ages.

She lives in Bromont, Quebec.

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