The Spectacular Suit




Gender Stereotypes




Kat Patrick & Hayley Wells


Frankie is overseeing her party preparations and everything is going perfectly. There are beautiful decorations, a slightly suspect but delicious pie made by her brother, and even a borrowed tent! But Frankie is worried about one thing…what to wear. Her mom got her dresses but they don’t feel right. Frankie needs a Spectacular Suit.

This story is SO sweet. We can all relate to Frankie, wanting to look and feel our best at a big event. What Frankie also has is a supportive family. They want her to have a good party and her siblings go above and beyond to help Frankie feel comfortable. Frankie’s story is a beautiful reflection for kids who push back against gender stereotypes. Not all girls want fancy dresses for a birthday party, and Frankie wanting a suit that will “take her places” which is the cutest sentiment for an outfit.

Most of the time I wear the largest and softest bags possible, but when I have a big presentation to give I always wear a jumpsuit that makes me feel professional and like I could also do a high kick should I need to emphasize a point. I don’t want to entirely spoil Frankie’s spectacular suit, but suffice it to say that she makes quite an entrance to her fabulous birthday event.

This book was kindly sent by Scribble Kids, but all opinions are my own!

Kat Patrick

Kat Patrick recently realised they never actually grew up, and so they’ve been trying to make a living as a writer ever since. Originally from the UK, they have written their way around the world, and after stints in New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, Paris, and Patagonia, are now based in Glasgow.

Hayley Wells

Hayley Wells is a UK-based illustrator who loves to grow vegetables and drink coffee. They have an MA in Children’s Book Illustration from Cambridge School of Art. The Spectacular Suit is their first picture book. 

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