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If I told you that I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book since I first saw the cover reveal, you would have no trouble believing me. I feel like I’ve been dreaming of a book like this for years. Time and time again I’ve been disappointed, but not anymore.  I have been pumped for this latest installment of the This Book Is series and having a powerhouse author like Jamia Wilson at the helm of the project could not have turned out more magnificently.  

This Book is Feminist is comprehensive, electric, and will empower the reader to smash the patriarchy at first glance. I was particularly drawn to the “Call to Action” sections, which have meaningful and reflective exercises with pointed questions to the reader.

Jamia shares so much of her journey in this book, one turns the final pages feeling connected and with a greater depth of understanding into all of the intricacies that shape our collective cultural feminist values and fights. Having quotes of activists and historical figures at the beginning of each chapter helps to set that stage for the overarching topic discussed; identity, justice, power, media, and so much more is packed into this practically pocket-sized book. It does fit in some of my pockets, (I definitely tried it) meaning it can be taken anywhere, whipped out and quoted in response to any misogynistic statement overheard, and then securely stowed away until needed again.

I appreciate how in the final pages the reader is urged to consider what feminism means to them. There isn’t one singular definition; living a feminist life means that we view our society with an intersectional, driven, and informed lens. We all have different passions and dreams to change the world. We all have a responsibility to ensure that even if we’re the first, we’re not the last. This Book is Feminist prepares any young feminist in your life for the world, and discusses meaningfully how to create ripples of change around each of us.

This book was kindly sent by Quarto, but all opinions are my own. This book is out on August 3rd! They are currently running a preorder campaign, and you can find out what cool extras you’ll receive by clicking this link!

Jamia Wilson

Jamia Wilson a feminist activist, writer, and speaker. She joined Random House as vice president and executive editor in 2021. As the former director of the Feminist Press at the City University of New York and the former VP of programs at the Women’s Media Center, Jamia has been a leading voice on women’s rights issues for over a decade. Jamia is the former Women, Action, and the Media Executive Director, TED Prize Storyteller, and former Vice President of Programs at The Women’s Media Center, Jamia has been a powerful force in the social justice movement for nearly a decade. As a leading voice on feminist and women’s rights issues, her work and words have appeared in and on several outlets such as New York MagazineThe Today Show, and The Washington Post. She’s also a staff writer forRookieand has contributed to several books such as Madonna and Me: Women Writers on the Queen of Pop, and I Still Believe Anita Hill. But what we’re most excited about is her own book that she’s currently writing about Beyonce and feminism. (Yes, really.) It’s no surprise she was named in Refinery29’s “17 Faces of the Future of Feminism.

Aurélia Durand

Aurélia Durand’s art is a vivid celebration of diversity. She dedicates her artistic voice in making representation matters. Aurélia represents Afro-descendants as joyful, proud, and empowered — a united community whose destinies are intertwined. These colorful personalities present the unified voice of a global community whose hopes, dreams, and desires present a future inclusive of all. Aurélia has made a wild variety of creations with augmented reality, animations, paintings, murals, and illustrations.She has been working with different clients such as Adobe, Facebook, GIPHY, DIPSEA, Instagram, Tinder, Apple music, Standford University, QuartoKids, Refinery 29, Califia farms, ESPN, and more.Recently she illustrated the book “This book is anti-racist ” through the publisher “Quarto kids” printed for the US, Canada, and the UK. Take a look at her Instagram:

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