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Black History



If you’re looking for a quick monthly roundup, check out the best books I read in April below! As always, the entire month’s reviews can be found on Bookshop. Tap the image above to look at everything I read in April.

THAT FLAG: This beautiful and poignant picture book follows best friends that live across the street from each other. One family is Black, and the other (white) family flies a confederate “heritage” flag. After the girls’ class goes on a field trip and the true horror of the confederacy is explained, each one reacts differently. Will their friendship be the same?

WAKE: This YA graphic novel is a historical account of the many women-led revolts against enslavers. The story arc hops back and forth between the past and present day, keeping the reader engaged and on their toes.

The fight for liberation began long before That Flag came onto the scene, but it continues to be one of the most recognizable symbols of oppression today. Those of us that have descended from colonizers must realize just how many centuries that Black, Indigenous, and other poc have been fighting for their freedom.

Grandad’s Pride is a book that I knew I would love, but I wasn’t prepared for how much. Harry, you’ve done it again!

Milly and her parents are visiting Grandad for the summer, and they decide to host the village’s first Pride celebration. The whole town comes together to plan and decorate, but Milly hopes that Grandad will still be able to celebrate without Gramps.

The text is so joyful and focuses on community care as well as the beautiful diversity within that community. There are so many beautiful moments that provide windows & mirrors (like the pointed Hasidic Jewish representation–a yarmulke & peyot paired with a fancy dress!) for the reader, with characters modeling inclusive language as well.

Seeing queer elders in picture books is a reminder of what we lack, and a celebration of what we’re building for future generations. WE are the future elders & future ancestors for queer youth alive today, and for those who haven’t been born yet.

Things have been quiet on the blog lately, but you can look forward to monthly roundup posts & occasional announcements!

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