Trainings and Professional Development

Teacher at a desk

Systems-level social justice education transformation

Successful organizational change initiatives require individual and collective alignment, goal-setting and growth.

Our consulting services help design, guide and accelerate your journey.

Whether it’s working together to design a plan for district-wide professional development or reviewing human resources practices to promote inclusive hiring practices, we are eager to be teaching and learning alongside you.

Support teams pursuing social justice education goals

Strengthening classroom, grade level, or administrative teams for continuous improvement requires trusting relationships, open communication, and commitment toward common goals.

Our coaching services provide individualized feedback, help defining goals and accountability frameworks, and build in systems to inspire your teams.

Whether it’s coaching a teacher to increase the diversity in their classroom’s bookshelves or supporting a grade-level team in assessing the inclusivity of their curriculum materials, we are thrilled to be teaching and learning alongside you. 

“I have solicited Corrie’s expertise on several occasions for support in designing my website curriculum content. I have found her advice to be invaluable and her positivity and passion is infused into all of her interactions.”

– Alessandra, Early Childhood Educator