Volcano Dreams

Written by: Janet Fox

Illustrated by: Marlo Garnsworthy 

For ages: 5-9 years 

Language: English

Topics Covered: Nature, Pint-Sized Professor, Yellowstone, Biology, STEM, Volcano, Geology. 


This is a really neat book that teaches about the wildlife inside Yellowstone, and about the volcano.  Something is sleeping in Yellowstone, but as the reader soon finds out, it’s no animal!

I enjoy how this book talks briefly about both animal and geothermal activity, helpfully giving a brief overview of a lot of topics (perfect for jumping off into more in-depth earning).  I loved learning about how the volcano was integral to forming the Yellowstone we know and love today, and I really learned a lot! I’ve never been to Yellowstone, but I love camping and have always wanted to go.

The idea of the volcano peacefully dreaming underneath the earth is magical to me, and especially with these bright and dreamy illustrations, it almost seems like the volcano itself is the narrator of the book.  There is a lovely glossary in the back and more information about the volcano and park!

This book was kindly sent to us by Web of Life Children’s Books, but all opinions are our own!

Copy of Copy of Amplifying Own Voices

Janet Fox was born in New York City, but spent her grade school years in Illinois. Her dad was an Episcopal minister, so the family lived next to the church. She spent a lot of time in a quiet grassy corner of the churchyard reading and staring at the sky. Janet’s mom was a homemaker and she wrote many stories for children, which became Janet’s inspiration.


Marlo Garnsworthy has always been an adventurer. When she was a kid growing up in Australia, Marlo was fascinated by the natural world. You’d likely find her looking under rocks, climbing trees, making bird calls, and since Marlo was an only child, having imaginary adventures. When Marlo wasn’t outside, she was drawing or poring through books—fiction, non-fiction, the atlas, whatever she could get her hands on. Today, Marlo still loves each of these things as much as she did then.

Marlo is very grateful to have made a career that involves helping others bring their books to fruition while she has continued to write, illustrate, and spend time in nature as often as she could.

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