We Are Little Feminists: Families

Written by: Archaa Shrivastav & Little Feminist Book Club

Photographs by: Collected by Little Feminist Book Club, page numbers with acknowledgments are on the back cover!

For ages: Infants and up

Language: English 

Topics Covered: Family, Feminism, Intersectionality, LGBTQ, Relationships, Board Books. 


This is probably the most diverse family book that I’ve ever seen, and I absolutely love how the photographs are of real people! This board book is a powerhouse of representation, and normalizes all sorts of different family structures.  It’s heartwarming to see so many LGBTQ families reflected in the pages, and truly does so much for opening doors of conversation for readers of a variety of ages.

This is one of a three-part series, I haven’t read Hair or On-the-Go yet, but I have actually ordered them because Families was so fantastic.  If you’re interested in these board books, or in their book boxes, you can actually use our discount code (THETINYACTIVIST) for 15% off orders (except gift cards)!  We are thrilled to be a part of this organization, because they (like us) care so much about representation and diversity in books.

This gorgeous book was sent to us by the Little Feminist Book Club, but all opinions are our own!

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