We are Little Feminists: Hair

Written by: Archaa Shrivastav & Brook Sitgraves Turner

Illustrated by: Assorted real photographs, credit on back cover.

For ages: infant and up-board book!

Language: English

Topics Covered: Inclusion, Acceptance, Family, Friendship, Board Books.


This is another incredibly sweet and inclusive board book in the set of 3, made by Little Feminist. I love the way this book celebrates all different types of hair, and even no hair! The photos used are so diverse, and I love the celebratory language about different styles of wearing hair (like locs) or even covering hair (like wearing a hijab). A photo that I think can open up a lot of discussion is one of a child in a pink shirt that has some hair on their back, something that people (and especially women) are shamed for having. We need more role models that are unashamed and celebrate their bodies, hair and all.

We were very kindly sent this book, and we still have our Little Feminist Book Club discount code (THETINYACTIVIST) for 15% off! The code works for anything except gift cards, and this wonderful small business sells book subscription boxes, individual books, and some really neat shirts.

About the Authors:

Archaa Shrivastev is the Content Director at Little Feminist and the author of this lovely book series!

Brook Sitgraves Turner is a writer and also one of the amazing authors of this book series!

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