We Are Little Feminists: On the Go!

Written By: Brook Sitgraves Turner & Archaa Shrivastav

Illustrated by: Photos credited on back cover!

For Ages: Infant & Up

Language: English

Topics Covered: Inclusion, Diversity, Feminism, Mobility, Mobility Aids.

Summary: Hey everyone! We thought it was way past time to share a board book, and what could be better than this adorable book all about movement and mobility aids? Something I love about this empowering board book is the collection of real photos. The people (mostly children) featured are enjoying the outdoors and the pictures show a variety of limb differences and mobility aids. I love the way this book normalizes families of color enjoying the outdoors and sports, as well as reaffirming the fact that folks with disabilities or those that use mobility aids can be active doers in their own stories.

We were very kindly sent this book, and we still have our Little Feminist Book Club discount code (THETINYACTIVIST) for 15% off! The code works for anything except gift cards, and this wonderful small business sells book subscription boxes, individual books, and some really neat shirts.

Archaa Shrivastav

Archaa Shrivastev is the Content Director at Little Feminist and the author of this lovely book series!

Brook Sitgraves Turner

Brook Sitgraves Turner is a writer and also one of the amazing authors of this book series!

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