We have a big announcement…

Hey everyone!  For a while now we’ve been cooking up a scheme on how to better tailor our social media, to ensure that people can find the content they’re looking for.  We’ve opted to create a platform for our nature and STEM books into a sibling account,  The Pint-Sized Professor!  We will still be posting the book reviews on our same tried and true Tiny Activist website, but there will be separate tags for PSP books to make locating the best STEM books easy 🙂

We are SO excited to finally let the cat out of the bag, because we’ve been working hard behind the scenes, so our reviews of great books and resources are available right now!  Thanks to all those that found and followed PSP before our grand reveal (it especially tickled us when people who follow TTA on Instagram found us) and we can’t wait to keep bringing you diverse and high-quality nature books with a healthy dose of environmental activism.  We hope that this helps you all out too, because we couldn’t do it without your support and kind words.

Happy Earth Day!! You can give @pintsizedprofessor a follow now, and then go outside and gaze lovingly at some trees.


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