Back 2 School Reads :  Social-Emotional Learning!

By: The Tiny Activist

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Gearing up for the new school year can be stressful. Here are some reading recs for Big Feelings!

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Let's look at some books that help kids process anger in a healthy way, and learn emotional regulation skills.


"This beautiful tribute to one girl's experience of anger offers readers the opportunity to make sense of, and talk about their own feelings of rage in a time when that kind of understanding is more important than ever."

"A young child tells us what makes her angry and how she tries to let the anger come and go. An artful starting point for conversations about strong feelings."

Award-winning author Julie Berry talks about reasons kids can feel cranky and how to recognize those feelings and acknowledge them. She then gives simple practices for moving through crankiness.

Anger also needs to be discussed for older readers, check out this Middle Grade book!

A relatable story that speaks to kids' emerging emotional intelligence skills.

The students at Sunnyvale Elementary carry a lot in their backpacks - including some things you can't see quite so well, like big feelings and confusing emotions.

Flipping from sad to mad can make for a bad day, but Baby is learning some tricks for getting the happy back.

What emotion should I cover next? Let me know!

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