Back 2 School Reads :  Social-Emotional Learning!

By: The Tiny Activist

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Gearing up for the new school year can be stressful. Here are some reading recs for Big Feelings!

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When a parent goes away for a few days, this can bring up a lot of anxiety. This book is perfect for that topic, and includes an interracial LGBTQ family!

A girl decides to take on the world like a brave explorer heading off on an epic fairytale quest, from home to school and back again,

Grief and loss are extremely hard to talk about, but here are a few options. Many of us have lost people close to us the last two years especially.

Making friends can be tricky in a new school. Here are some characters that your reader can identify with!

Anxiety wasn't a huge topic of discussion in the nineties when I was young. But now we have some meaningful reads for anxious kids!

A heartfelt story about courage, change, and moving on, a girl and her companion fox travel together away from a sorrowful past, through challenging and stormy times, toward color and light and life.

A story to show how to keep going even when something is difficult. This beautifully illustrated narrative can inspire any child, anytime, who wants to run toward greater confidence

Noa Denmon articulates the depth and nuances of a child's experiences following a police shooting--through grief and protests, healing and community--with washes of color as vibrant as his words.

Be on the lookout for more social-emotional learning recs in Part 2!

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