Back 2 School Reads :  Stories about School!

By: The Tiny Activist

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Gearing up for the new school year can be stressful. Here are some reading recs for The Big Day itself.

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Starting preschool or kindergarten can often be the most stressful, it's a huge change in routine! 


This board book rhymes and empowers kids to begin preschool

Another board book that helps develop vocabulary skills for school!

The next options are picture books, and focus on starting kindergarten at a typical public school setting

This staple in classrooms will be joined by another royal member on the next slide

"Like The King of Kindergarten, this is the perfect book to reinforce back-to-school excitement and build confidence in the newest students."

A story about a classroom "coming together to make a kindergarten into a KINDergarten!"

"Small enough to fit in a child's backpack, this collection of short poems--one to a page--spans the entire year of kindergarten"

This humorous take on the first day of school includes an attempted mutiny!

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