Books to Inspire Your Inner Creep: Halloween in July!

By: The Tiny Activist

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If your soul is dark and Spooky is a lifestyle, join me in some haunted tales...

To celebrate the release date of the much-anticipated second book from Flavia Z Drago, let's celebrate Halloween in July!

To celebrate Leila’s release date TODAY, I couldn’t resist recreating her entry in the cake competition.

Ginger is a witch who loves Christmas as much as she loves Halloween! As soon as November 1st rolls around, Ginger begins to decorate for this beloved winter holiday.

I decided to pair a fiction with a nonfiction book dedicated to a childhood favorite, the tea party. An excuse to make cider donuts and scones? Sign me up!

Soul cakes were left as offerings for the spirits drifting around on the night of October 31st, as well as given to roving bands of Pagan children that would dress up in costumes to ward off the wandering spirits. And bonfires, there were lots of bonfires.

The List of Unspeakable Fears is an enchanting combination of horror and historical fiction, combined with mental health advocacy.

When the weather gets hotter here in western MA, I long for the crispy leaves and cold breeze that come with my favorite season.

Hello incidental LGBTQ representation! Two adorablemoms are seen holding hands while trick or treating.

Don't forget to check out Leila, the Perfect Witch & learn more about Flavia by tapping her book cover above!

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