Need a gift for an educator?

The Tiny Activist

What about some books and curriculum that center around social justice education?

Buying gifts for your child's teacher can be tricky, get them something meaningful that will positively impact future classes! 

The holidays are just around the corner, and supply chain difficulties require us to shop sooner!


How about a book box? It's not a subscription, a one-time gift!

If they need picture books about Identity development...


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What about books about Identity for Upper Elementary students? 

Each box comes with 4 books and an automatic download of a corresponding curriculum chapter.

Handheld Sign
Handheld Sign

Black Lives  Matter

You live on stolen land

Everyone can create ripples of change in their community

Books that celebrate all lived experiences and teach whole histories

Reflection Question: How do you promote justice in your daily life?

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Celebrate the diversity of talents that humans have

Open Hands

Make sure you're teaching joyful stories in addition to the tough stuff!

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