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Harvest season is at full tilt, and soon we'll be planning for next year. . . Check out these suggestions & tap any image to learn more!

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Why should you winterize your garden?

Tap for 7 quick tips for garden soil health!

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Do you grow a variety of veggies?

Check out this Almanac article about proper crop rotation in small gardens

First, learn about traditional food ways!

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let’s maximize our work and keep soil healthy by rotating crops & growing tasty snacks

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Tap here for some help with pollinators!

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Gardening is the *first* step, and that we can transform our home hobbies to be rooted in social justice education and climate justice work.

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Read books about all seasons with your family to stay excited and honor nature year round

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Yellow Leaves

Stay tuned my top August reads!

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Especially if you're looking for some new books to read...

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