Horror Enthusiasts, Unite! 

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If your soul is dark and Spooky is a lifestyle, join me in some haunted tales...

The leaves are as crisp as the pages of a new book...check out what I've been reading and tap any image for more information!

This tongue-in-cheek spin on murder is a fiction read for grownups

This YA graphic novel includes Latinx trans representation and a ghost that won't leave

A complex read that follows a teenage medium experiencing racism at school

Experience the gripping work by Octavia Butler in a whole new graphic novel format

A gory dystopian YA read following a cult that unleashes monsters into secular society...including our protagonist.

Teen true crime enthusiasts find themselves being haunted by a teenage spirit

For the grownups, mix up a few new potions and see what the cards have ti tell you...

However you celebrate, stay safe and eat lots of treats!

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